Patient Testimonials

Maryann K.

“I am so pleased with my new crowns. Dr. Mahnke and his staff worked diligently with patience and persistence to make sure my new teeth look “just right.” I love my new smile!”

Christine G.

“Thank you so much for helping me with my Headache2! Best Dentist in all of the Tri-Cities. I used to have 2-3 headaches a week, but I have not had any since Dr. Mahnke has fit me with a mouth guard (bite splint). I can’t believe how wonderful I feel! Thank-you so much! The ladies in the office are awesome, too. Lori, you always are so gentle and caring when you clean my teeth. Thank you.”

Jim M.

“I appreciate that doctor took the time to care.”

Mary R.

“A special thank you for taking part of your lunch to fit my partial. It fits just great. A big special thank you for Pam and Dr. Mahnke.”

Becky S.

“Dr. Mahnke and staff, Thank you to everyone for all the special care you have given me. I greatly appreciate your time and patience in resolving my dental problems!”