Root canals can save your teeth! | Dr. Mahnke, DDS

Once a person has had a tooth extracted, it is a permanent action that requires replacing the tooth or filling the space in some way. The long lasting, cost-effective and often less painful option is to have a root canal done to save the natural tooth. Keeping a patient’s natural tooth is always the preferred course of treatment and is more comfortable in the end for the patient.

Dr. Daryle Mahnke, D.D.S., a family dentist in Bay City, Michigan, is trained in the latest and most technologically advanced procedures to take excellent care of teeth. Keeping a patient’s natural teeth is the main goal. Dr. Mahnke helps patients feel totally comfortable and relaxed throughout their procedure. Root canals do not take long to do, can normally be done in one visit, and most patients don’t experience any more pain than they would from having a dental filling done.

Root canals have gotten a negative reputation due to pain. In reality, most pain is usually caused by the original infection and is often relieved by having a successful root canal procedure. Damaged tooth material and debris is removed, the pulp chamber and canals are cleaned out and disinfected, then a bio-compatible material is used to fill the tooth and it is sealed. Most patients report a feeling of relief from pain, and in most cases, the newly repaired tooth can last the patient for many years.

Who Needs A Root Canal?

When a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, or when teeth haven’t been treated, there can be nerve damage or deep pockets of decay. This can become very painful for patients when they chew, and can also cause extreme sensitivity of teeth and teeth can even become dark. Some patients don’t have any symptoms at all.

Most dentists, including Dr. Mahnke, advise patients to have a root canal done when possible, instead of a tooth extraction: preserving and saving the original tooth is always the best option!

A healthier, beautiful smile and pain-free chewing and eating are the best rewards for taking excellent care of teeth. If you think you may need a root canal, contact Dr. Mahnke and schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Maintaining oral health is important for overall physical well being!