What is the best option for replacing missing teeth? | Dr. Mahnke, DDS

For patients who have lost a tooth, or teeth, exploring replacement options is important as modern dentistry now offers a variety of options.

Dr. Daryle Mahnke, DDS, a general dentist in Bay City, offers patients options for dentures and bridges, incorporating implant dentistry to offer fixed appliances that don’t slip and offer a variety of benefits to patients! Dr. Mahnke specializes in dentures and partials and seeks to offer his patients knowledgable and understanding care when solving the problem of missing teeth.

Dentures have long been the standard option for replacing missing teeth but have offered less than satisfactory results for most patients: they will never function like a natural tooth, and often feel loose or uncomfortable when eating.

There are several types of dentures, but with the introduction of implant dentistry, fixed dentures can now offer patients a more comfortable, stable fit!

Fixed dentures are secured by dental implants and can only be removed by Dr. Mahnke, allowing patients to eat without fear of slippage, and providing the added health benefit of reducing bone loss and gum recession, a common side effect of tooth loss: the surgically placed implants will fuse with the jaw bone and encourage bone retention and/or growth. Fixed, or implant dentures allow patients to eat, speak and otherwise function normally with no restrictions- and no need for adhesives!

Sometimes called “all on four”, fixed implant dentures can replace the upper and/or lower teeth with four implants that are critically placed in the jaw. Partial dentures can also be secured with dental implants instead of a traditional removable appliance, often known as a dental bridge.

For patients who already have dentures, Dr. Mahnke offers the option of “relining” them to create a better fit. If they are ready to explore more options, he will take the time to evaluate dental health and recommend suitable options based on their personal goals and budget.

If you have missing teeth, or poor fitting dentures, contact Dr. Mahnke in Bay City to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.