Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

If your dental benefits run on the calendar year, then your time to use them is almost up. December 31st is right around the corner, and your dental benefits are just sitting there ready to be used. At Bay City Smiles, Dr. Daryle Mahnke offers a range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry service that can address a variety of dental issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late to receive the treatment you need.

Using Your Dental Benefits

Your dental insurance usually covers part of your dental work for an entire year (outside of your deductible). Some dental insurance companies follow the fiscal year, and others follow the calendar year. If your insurance company follows the calendar year, your dental benefits will run out by December 1st, 2017 and do not roll over into the next year. So in simpler terms, use it or lose it!

If you are unsure if you have unused benefits, contact your dental insurance company or Bay City Smiles. Our experienced staff can guide you through using your remaining benefits for the dental treatment you need. Patients should also keep in mind that they have a yearly deductible, which means there is a certain amount of money patients may need to pay out of pocket before your dental insurance company will cover your services.

Delaying treatment until the last possible moment can put you at risk of developing complex dental problems. It is important to visit the Dr. Mahnke twice a year for preventive care exams and dental cleanings. Preventive care visits allow Dr. Mahnke to thoroughly examine your teeth and look for any signs of advanced dental issues like gum disease, tooth decay, or cavities. Simple dental problems can turn into more complex issues if you don’t receive the treatment you need to restore your healthy smile. Dr. Mahhnke can work with you to determine what dental solutions best suit your needs. Our goal at Bay City smiles is to help patients achieve a healthier smile through patient-focused, comprehensive dental care.Schedule an appointment at Bay City Smiles in Bay City, MI for the dental care you need to improve your smile.