Set Up Oral Health Resolutions

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Oral Health Resolutions Bay City MI

In the midst of the spirit of the new year, now is a great time to set your oral health resolutions. Your oral health resolutions are goals you set that can improve the overall function and health of your smile. As a highly trained and experienced dentist, Dr. Mahnke believes in educating his patients on the importance of maintaining optimal oral health. In this post, we will list a few oral health resolutions that patients should consider in the new year to improve their oral health.

Oral Health Resolutions

  • Schedule your biannual dental checkup. A dental check-up is categorized as part of preventive dental care. During your visit, Dr. Mahnke will screen for complex dental problems such as oral cancer, gum disease, and TMJ disorder. Dr. Mahnke will also examine your teeth, mouth, and gums to check for any signs of dysfunction. During your dental check-up, patients will also receive a dental cleaning to remove plaque buildup from the teeth.
  • Drink water and avoid sugary beverages. Sugar can have a negative effect on your oral health. If you don’t properly clean your teeth, sugar can mix with the plaque in your mouth, creating an acid that can break down your tooth enamel. Over time, if the teeth are not thoroughly cleaned, you may develop tooth decay or cavities. Instead of sugary beverages try drinking water. Water can help with saliva production and help you avoid the effects of dry mouth. Drinking water also helps remove unwanted debris from the mouth.
  • Maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine. Make sure you are brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. You also want to incorporate flossing into your daily routine. Flossing only takes a minute or two out of your everyday routine, but offers a lifetime of benefits.

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