TMJ Disorders and Increased Stress

All across the country, people are struggling with increased stress and anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those suffering from TMJ disorders, that means you’ll probably have more symptoms and issues, even if you have your condition decently managed. Dr. Daryle J. Mahnke, a dentist in Saginaw, MI, lets patients know what they can in saginaw, michigan

More Pain and Headaches

Stress means more grinding and clenching of your teeth. That means the pain that goes with it is going to come back too. You may wake up with headaches more frequently and struggle with jaw, ear, and face pain. The tension may also spread throughout your neck and upper shoulders.

Since you’re probably in isolation, there are massage techniques available to help with TMJ symptoms. If you have a partner or family member at home with you, they may be able to help you out.

Issues With Jaw Function

Popping and clicking sounds may come back with a vengeance. You could have trouble both eating and talking due to issues with your jaw. Opening and closing your mouth may hurt more than it normally does. If you notice yourself clenching or grinding your teeth throughout the day, make sure to try and consciously relax your jaw. This can help with some of the symptoms.

Wear and Tear on Teeth

With more pressure on your teeth, they’re going to wear down unevenly and quicker than normal. Stress puts your teeth under a lot of stress as well. However, the real problem can come with the possibility of your teeth chipping or cracking. There’s a wide range of severity when it comes to this happening.

You may just have a small chip that’s just a cosmetic issue. But if you have a large break where the tooth pulp is exposed and painful. This is considered a dental emergency and you should call us immediately. We’re still open for emergency care during the pandemic and that’s something that should be taken care of right away.

Your Dentist in Saginaw, Michigan

If your TMJ disorder is still causing you problems after the pandemic, you should come in for an appointment. We can outfit you with a nightguard or try other treatment options to make sure you can get the relief you need. Call us or schedule an appointment online. We hope to see you soon!