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Pediatric Dentistry An Overview

Healthy primary (Baby) teeth are important not only for chewing and comfort but for the proper development and eruption of a child’s permanent teeth. Dr. Daryle Mahnke is a family dentist in Bay City, MI who wants to help prevent dental disease from affecting your child. Dr. Mahnke enjoys building lasting relationships with his patients and growing up with the families that he treats.

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Mahnke for your child is the best way to begin his or her dental health journey.

Pediatric Dentist vs. Family Dentist

A pediatric dentist is a specialist who primarily treats children and adolescents. A family dentist sees patients of all ages and is one who can grow with a child into adulthood. Families in Bay City have the convenience and flexibility to see a family dentist and have the entire family treated by the same dentist.

At Bay City Smiles Dr. Mahnke and our dental care team establish long-lasting relationships with our patients and provide them with the treatment they need in a comfortable, safe environment.

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Want to find a dentist in Bay City, MI to solve your complex dental problems, or just need a regular check-up? Dr. Daryle Mahnke may be the perfect fit for your family’s needs. Call us at 989-272-2478 or request an appointment online.

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Pediatric Dentistry What to Expect

About Pediatric Dentistry

The American Dental Association estimates that over 50% of first-graders and 80% of 17-year-olds have cavities. While there are many things parents can do to ensure the health of their children’s teeth, one of the best ways to prevent cavities and tooth decay in children is through regular visits to the dentist and routine dental cleanings.

Good oral health contributes to the overall health of a child and encourages positive self-image. Dr. Daryle Mahnke helps parents and guardians by teaching proper pediatric dental care and answering common questions about thumb sucking, tooth decay, orthodontic treatment, and wisdom teeth removal.

A Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

Routine pediatric dentistry visits will include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Periodontal screening (for gingivitis and gum disease)
  • Dental caries (cavities) screening
  • Examination of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and jaw position

Pediatric Dentistry Concerns

  • Dental Sealants – Dr. Mahnke uses dental sealants to prevent tooth decay, which forms a barrier to protect the tooth surface. A dental sealant is a thin coating, made of a bio-compatible plastic. They can be placed in a single visit and offer long-lasting protection.
  • Sports Mouth Guard – A sports mouth guard is an excellent way to protect your child’s teeth from injury during sports. The guard usually covers the upper teeth; however, if your child wears braces or another fixed dental appliance on his or her lower jaw, the dentist may suggest a mouth protector for these teeth as well.
  • Wisdom Teeth – Wisdom teeth typically erupt during the teenage years or early twenties and may cause problems later in life especially with gum health.. Dr. Mahnke will evaluate wisdom teeth and recommend the removal if and when it is appropriate for the best long-term health of the patient.

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