Patient TestimonialsBay City, MI Dentist Office

Adam W.

Very thorough Dentist! Takes an overall health approach rather than just dental health and is very concerned with patient satisfaction.

Sandra L.

-As a new patient how grateful I am as they all were concerned and understanding of my situation. Dr, Mahnke and his Staff were very gentle and they gave me great advice in my situation. If you are in need of a very good Dentist, I suggest you call the office of Dr, Daryl Mahnke he is taking new patients.

Carolyn W.

My experience with Dr. MAHNKE and his staff is excellent, I've had dentures for several years and have never had a more professional, caring experience. I would highly recommend him and give him 10 stars if I could. Thank you and your staff for the care you have shown me.

Conrad M.

Stopped by here to get a broken tooth fixed and had a great experience. Staff was friendly and Dr. Mahnke was thorough and determined to do the job right. Excellent results.

Denise H.

The office staff and dental assistants are wonderful, patient, friendly and caring, which is wholly reflective of the Dr. He takes the time to talk to patients, hear concerns, and respond in a way that shows he wants you to understand your options. Dr. has worked with me through several pain issues, one due to a 20-year-old bite splint that needed replacing. He takes great care in his work in this area of expertise. His office also has updated technology so I get text message reminders. Very helpful.

John C.

The entire staff was very friendly and professional. The first visit was like nothing I have ever experienced at the dentist before. Before I even sat in the chair we sat down and talked about my entire health history, my expectations, and beyond. The exam was the most thorough in dental history and Dr.Mahnke was able to find other concerns on the xrays that he contacted my family Dr. about totally unrelated to my teeth. I felt more like I was at a Spa then the dentist. They made me feel very welcome and relaxed. I highly recommend this team of professionals to any one that is looking for a new dentist, or any one currently unhappy with the service they are getting with dentist they are now seeing.

Del K.

January of 2015 had a yearly dental appt. was asked if I had headaches when waking up in the morning, answer was yes. Dr. Mahnke mentioned I had an overbite and suggested I get bite splints. I took his advise and have had bite splints for 10 months now and have not had one headache. Excellent suggestion and excellent relieve. These bite splints are not uncomfortable to sleep with.

Cheryl Q.

I am extremely surprised with the results of a recent procedure Dr. Mahnke performed. The Occlusal Adjustment not only stabilized my bite but relieved stress and tension in my cheeks and jaw. My ears instantly felt wide open. Thank you, Dr. Mahnke, for "fixing" things that I had just become accustom to feeling. Thank you for allowing me to smile even more!

Michael K.

I was experiencing a problem with multiple teeth breaking/cracking. Dr. Manke diagnosed the problem as being alignment of my jaw/teeth not coming together as perfectly as they should thereby creating undue pressure points resulting in cracking. Dr. Mahnke made a model of my teeth/jaw and demonstrated to me how he could adjust my teeth to improve the alignment. I was somewhat skeptical but also concerned about the problem and its implications. I agreed to his prescribed treatment plan and it has now been completed. As a result, I could immediately feel a definite improvement right from the first of the 3 sessions of adjustment. I am very confident Dr. Mahnke's work will result in fewer future problems and am very happy I had this work done.

Jason S.

Great place to go Dr. Mahnke and his staff are great people!!!


I am so pleased with my new crowns. Dr. Mahnke and his staff worked diligently with patience and persistence to make sure my new teeth look “just right.” I love my new smile!


Thank you so much for helping me with my Headache2! Best Dentist in all of the Tri-Cities. I used to have 2-3 headaches a week, but I have not had any since Dr. Mahnke has fit me with a mouth guard (bite splint). I can’t believe how wonderful I feel! Thank-you so much! The ladies in the office are awesome, too. Lori, you always are so gentle and caring when you clean my teeth. Thank you.


I appreciate that doctor took the time to care.


A special thank you for taking part of your lunch to fit my partial. It fits just great. A big special thank you for Pam and Dr. Mahnke.


Dr. Mahnke and staff, Thank you to everyone for all the special care you have given me. I greatly appreciate your time and patience in resolving my dental problems!